Calling my community of caring commenters

by John Shore on August 13, 2015 in new · 99 comments



In November of 2013 I moved my blog from here on to (For why I did that, see Starblog 11-20-13: I’m Outta Here.) I like Patheos. The people who run it are kind and passionate about what they do. I gained much when I moved there.

But over the last year or so I’ve also lost something so dear that I’ve been moved to revive this online space in order to get it back. Continue reading →


You’re better than your past wrongs


Guilt and shame ruins lives. If it’s ruining yours, this might help.

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Please be a Christian sex therapist


A young woman wants to become a sex therapist. Is it a problem that she’s a Christian?

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My son is 17, gay and miserable


A Christian fundamentalist worries about her gay teenage son.

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