Couple Leaving for Vacation with Train

If my inbox is any indication, a lot of people who used to be Christian are deciding not to be Christian anymore. And they haven’t just given up calling themselves Christian, either. They’ve given up on the faith itself. Read More...


Ten big differences between life in California and life in North Carolina

Ten main differences that I have found between living in California and living in North Carolina. Read More...

The only “marketing category” that matters

I became a Christian very suddenly, out of nowhere, when I was thirty-eight years old. So I’ve been a (gay-affirming, anti-fundamentalism, anti-evangelizing, pro-women, sane) Christian for … um (curses! math strikes again!) 19 years. But I’ve been a writer for nearly 50 years. (I wrote my first short story when I was eight. It was the interior […]

“What I Did To You” cover ready for the show


I know what you’re thinking: “But John. Will you please shut-up already about the cover of your novel?—which, admittedly, sounds amazing. You’re such a phenomenal writer. I’ve seen what you can do on a blog; I shudder to imagine the power of a novel of yours that you took the ever-lovin’ time to write exactly right. […]



[UPDATE: See the final version of this cover here.] I want to so totally thank everyone who has been kind enough to take a moment out of their lives to help me with something they can’t possibly care too terribly much about, which is what I choose for the title of the novel for which, come December, […]

Novel title: Take two


So, yesterday I wrote about the Kickstarter campaign I’m putting together for my debut novel. I showed this title and cover for the book: Which I liked! A lot. But three things were counting against that title—two of which I realized only this morning: It might stop some people from sharing my KS campaign on their […]