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by John Shore on October 2, 2012 in · 6 comments

One of my great passions in life is helping people write their books. From conception to structure to substantive and line editing, I love it all. And for over a decade I’ve made a living doing it all. I started off some twelve years ago ghostwriting about one-third of a book from Simon and Schuster that become a bestseller. Next I did a major editorial overhaul of the lead title from a top American publisher that went on to become an international bestseller. I then did substantive character and plot editing on a novel out from Harper Collins that became a bestseller.

A month ago I finished writing the fourth of a four-book ghostwriting deal. I started that work one year after finishing a million dollar four-book ghostwriting deal for a leading American publisher that grew out of a single-book proposal of mine.

As I write this I’m ghosting a book that all parties involved have no doubt will be a bestseller.

Besides writing my own books I’ve ghosted and/or fully edited two novels, a celebrity biography, three memoirs, a college psychology textbook, two self-help books, two children’s books, and a book each on parenting, jazz, Christian ethics, and how to manage one’s finances. In addition I spent a decade as a full-time executive editor for leading San Diego publications such as the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Magazine, and for KPBS, one of the country’s largest public broadcasting stations. I also co-authored, with renowned language expert Richard Lederer (author of more than thirty books on the English language, including the bestselling Anguished English series and The Miracle of Language), the book Comma Sense: A FUNdamental Guide to Punctuation.

If you’re writing a book, or have another writing and/or publishing project with which you think you might like my help, don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can talk about it. In the main the work I do falls into the categories of:

Overall manuscript evaluation

Substantive editing

Copy editing



As to how much I charge for the above, it’s virtually impossible to say outside of a specific project. It depends upon the nature of the project, what kind of shape it’s in, your scheduling needs, my own work schedule, and so on. But it’s free to discuss your project with me, and I’ll be able to pretty quickly tell you what I’d charge to assist you in whatever way you might want.

I consider it an honor to help people bring into the world writing of which they are genuinely proud. Thanks very much for considering letting me help you become the best writer you can be.

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