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unfair-cover-smallA woman who wishes to remain anonymous is translating into Spanish John’s book UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question.  As she finishes pieces from that book they will appear here.

¿Qué haría Jesús si lo invitaran a una boda gay? (What Would Jesus Do If Invited to a Gay Wedding?)

Los Cristianos y la sangre de Jamey Rodemeyer (Christians and the Blood of Jamey Rodemeyer)

Alas en un cerdo (Wings on a Pig)

Si le haces caso a Pablo en relación a los gays, hazle caso a lo que dice Jesús respecto al dinero (If You Heed Paul on Gays, Heed Jesus on Money)

El inevitable ascenso de los cristianos progresistas (The Inevitability of the Rise of Progressive Christianity)

De una mujer cristiana que eligió realizarse un aborto (From a Christian woman who chose abortion)*

¿Cómo podría Dios romper el Gran Mandamiento? (How Can God Break the Great Commandment?)

El Suicidio en los Adolescentes Homosexuales: Una Entrevista con el Director Ejecutivo de The Trevor Project (The Suicide of Gay Teens: An Interview with the Executive Director of The Trevor Project)

Carta: “Quizás te vea en la iglesia” (Letter: “Perhaps I will see you in church.”)

A mi Dios le importan los corazones, no las entrepiernas (My God Cares About Hearts, Not Crotches)

*This post does not appear in UNFAIR; the translator wanted to translate it anyway. Much love to her for this.





Out of the goodness of his heart, a young Brazilian man named João Mattos stepped forward unbidden and volunteered to translate UNFAIR: Why the “Christian” View of Gays Doesn’t Work into Portuguese. As he finishes the pieces from the book, they will be added here.

De pura boa vontade de seu coração, um rapaz Brasileiro chamado João Mattos se colocou a disposição e se voluntariou para traduzir UNFAIR: Why the “Christian” View of Gays Doesn’t Work (INJUSTO: Porque a Visão Cristã dos Gays Não Funciona) para o Português. Na medida em que ele termina as partes do livro, elas serão adicionadas aqui.

O que Jesus faria se fosse convidado a um casamento gay?
(What would Jesus do if invited to a gay wedding?)

Como Asas em um Porco (Like Wings on a Pig)

Uma Carta Aberta Vinda do Coração do Occupy Wall Street (An Open Letter From the Heart of Wall Street)

Como um Deus Amoroso torna-se um Deus Odioso (How Loving God Becomes Hating Others)

Meu Deus Se Preocupa com Corações, Não Virilhas (My God Cares About Hearts, Not Crotches)

Se ninguém é ferido, Deus está OK com sua sexualidade (If No One’s Being Hurt, God’s Okay With Your Sexuality)

Como Pode Deus Quebrar o Grande Mandamento? (How Can God Break the Great Commandment?)



Chinese (Mandarin)


Ting Lin, a translator in Taiwan, wrote me to say, “I am a lesbian Christian in Taiwan who has read your blog for years. Here 99% of our churches are anti-gay: they support Exodus, buy media to disperse their beliefs, and even prevent schools from teaching balanced sex education—including the stopping of bullying those who are different. Sadly, my parents are among those pastors. I came out thirteen years ago, and my parents are still in denial. I have read your blog for years. I really hope that I can translate your brilliant essays (like To Christians Who Still Believe Homosexuality Is a Sin) into Chinese to help my beloved people to know the truth.”

You can read more about Ting Lin in my post A Chinese Lesbian Everyone Should Know.

Her translation into Chinese of my post  The Best Case for the Bible Not Condemning Homosexuality is 聖經並未譴責同性戀的最佳例證.

Her translation into Chinese of my post Wings on a Pig is (硬把罪加在同性戀身上)就像豬身上的翅膀.

Ting Lin’s translation of my An Open Apology from Christians to Gay People is here.

Her translation of my post Four letters: Tell me again, evangelicals, how God approves of what’s done to gay people in His name is here.




Reader Matthew Tweedell’s translation of What Would Jesus Do If Invited to a Gay Wedding? is Как бы поступил Иисус если бы его пригласили на свадьбу гомосексуалистов?

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John Shore February 28, 2013 at 12:46 am

Not yet! But, by all means, if you would like to give it a try … !


Don Rappe June 3, 2012 at 10:39 am

T hen came a sound like a mighty wind and each person heard them speaking in his own language!


LSS January 19, 2012 at 8:09 pm

Me parecen bien hechas las traducciones, bien claras. Lamento no haber ofrecido ninguna ayuda pero no trabajo lo suficiente rápido como poder hacerlas. If you ever need a spare (and slower) translator, i can have a go, though.


Mary Moreno Richardson via Facebook December 22, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Gracias John!!!, That’s a large percent of our Misa congregation at St. Paul’s Cathedral!!


Lisa Salazar December 20, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Con la populación hispana creciendo todos los dias en los estados unidos y en latinoamerica, esto es una obra muy buena. Hay tanta gente que sufre con sus secretos y se sienten abandonados y no tienen donde encontrar apoyo y entendimiento. Que Dios te bendiga, Juan, y tu traductora.


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