Novel title: Take two


So, yesterday I wrote about the Kickstarter campaign I’m putting together for my debut novel. I showed this title and cover for the book: Which I liked! A lot. But three things were counting against that title—two of which I realized only this morning: It might stop some people from sharing my KS campaign on their […]

The novel reason I moved across the country


Suffice it to say that I could have never written this book while my mother, father and stepmother were living. Read More...

A word for anyone leaving fundamentalism


The girl who got the vicious letter from her fundamentalist mother responds, and a word for anyone going through what she is. Read More...

Is this fundamentalist mother’s letter to her daughter loving, or horrible?


She thinks letters like this from parents to their children is normal for a Christian family. Read More...

Taking out the trash your parents taught you about yourself


What comes after the part where you realize how wrong your parents were? Read More...

Was I wrong to live a straight life when I’m gay?


A man writes to ask. I answer.