The Smith Family Chronicles

by John Shore on March 18, 2011 in · 6 comments

Below are all the episodes of “The Smith Family Chronicles.” The series was launched on Feb. 25, 2011. (You’ll notice how with each episode I grow more proficient at using xtranomal’s options for movement.)

You can read about why I did this series in my post, “Oh, the Secrets We Keep, the Lies We Tell.”

You can read about why I stopped doing them in my post, 500 “Smith Family Chronicles” FB Fans by Episode 8, or Adios, Series.

You can read what’s in store for the Smith Family on my post, “The Smith Family Chronicles 8: Bob’s Dream” (And a Novel Idea!).

You’re invited (still!) to join/”like” the SFC Facebook page.

This is not a Smith Family Chronicles episode, but … I made it, and I like it, and here it is:

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